Aria Network Solutions Development Kit (SDK)

Essential telecom network processes, from capacity planning to service assurance, depend on having a reference model of networks and services.

But the complexity of today’s multi-layer, multi-vendor, multi-service networks makes the traditional reliance on spreadsheets and home-grown databases increasingly fragile. Building the next generation of solutions now requires a combination of network expertise, software development, modelling and – increasingly – AI techniques, making new projects challenging, expensive and slow to progress.

Aria’s Solution Development Kit (SDK) reduces the time, cost and complexity by providing prebuilt capabilities that underpin network simulation and analysis solutions. A Python API provides a rich set of off-the-shelf functions for building network and service models, assessing impact of failures, and generating predictive models of network KPIs.

Aria SDK Overview

Aria Network Solutions SDK Overview

For example, the Aria SDK’s Forecasting API eliminates the trial and error and lengthy training cycles typically associated with building neural network models for prediction. Useable models can be created from raw time-series data with little or no specialist AI skills required.

More accurate than linear regression or simple curve fitting, the Aria SDK Forecasting API uses machine learning behind the scenes to determine the behaviour of a given measure over time. And since creating new models is quick and easy, solution developers can create multiple models offering different levels of granularity, or prediction horizon – minutes, days, or months.

Forecasting and prediction is vital to supporting a range of applications, including:

  • strategic capacity management, based on network utilisation high water marks
  • network operations, comparing predicted vs measured data to identify exceptional deviation from network performance KPIs
  • service assurance, using network packet loss or round trip delay metrics to predict future SLA breaches
  • market planning, using bandwidth or order data to forecast future demand

The Aria SDK also includes functions to determine optimal routing of paths in a network, according to multiple objectives and constraints, including disjointedness from other paths. This means developers can significantly reduce the technical risk and timescales of delivering complex service design applications.

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