Operator Maturity Index™/ Network Maturity Index™

Most networks and cloud services are looking to deliver virtualisation through software, yet the degree to which individual networks are optimised varies hugely.  Many service providers hold a vision of a fully software controlled Self Optimised Network, but this is not a reality today and the journey will need to be planned, gradual and effective.

Aria Networks applied the process improvement model to the operation of telecommunication networks to guide process improvement across a network domain, the operation of the entire network or an organisation in charge of operating the network.

Aria Networks has defined a pair of maturity indices to allow operators and their networks to assess where they are now and how to get where they need to be.


Aria Networks’ Operator Maturity Index™ enables service providers to identify gaps in the management of resources and opportunities to implement relevant virtualisation tools.  Service providers can utilise Aria Networks’ suite of applications to virtualise specific network functions. Applications address key issues such as planning network optimisation, responding to infrastructure failure, assessing the impact of new data services and providing an overview of how and where a network is generating revenue.


In addition, Aria Networks created a Network Maturity index™ , to assess the level of automation of network operations.  A suite of network services fully integrated in the orchestration layer of the network control provides a clear and transparent overview of the network’s physical versus virtualised state and enables service providers to plan a journey to the fully virtualised and self-optimising network.