SDN and NFV Rollout

Aria provides the ‘brains of orchestration’ enabling intelligent, closed-loop automation.

Software-Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization represent a fundamental change to how service providers operate. And it’s happening fast: according to research from IHS Markit, 100% of service providers intend to deploy NFV “at some time”, with 81% planning to deploy NFV by end 2017.

The goal is to:

  • give customers with greater control and flexibility
  • enable operators to reduce time-to-market for new products, especially for global rollout
  • achieve greater speed and scalability in responding to demand
  • reduce costs by removing hardware and associated costs from the network

Service providers are now looking to scale up their proof-of-concepts into successful operational deployments. This will require new levels of automation and sophistication at multiple levels:

  • real-time design of VNF placement, according to policies, conditions and requirements
  • continuous prediction of traffic and service demand
  • impact analysis of demand growth on capacity and quality of service
  • reliable forecasting of changes to data center capacity and inter-data-center connectivity
  • detection of, and automated response to, failures

Clearly, orchestration is the central function for delivering SDN and NFV-based services. However, to achieve the level of automation needed to operate at scale it’s necessary to established closed-loop automation.

Working alongside third party orchestration platforms, Aria provides the capabilities required to achieve closed-loop automation. Taking inputs from other components within the software-defined ecosystem, Aria is able to design the optimal configuration to simultaneously satisfy current and predicted demand, and instantaneous VNF placement.

Aria provides an essential enabler for successful rollout of SDN and NFV at scale: intelligent, dynamic, realtime optimization of resources.

Virtual Capacity Management

Central to deploying a software defined network is a clear and comprehensive understanding of demand for capacity, today and in the future. Without this insight it is impossible to plan, optimize and analyse the current and future requirements of storage, compute and network resources.

Aria incorporates:

  • Predictive Optimization, identifying the future additions or changes required to keep pace with service demand and traffic variations.
  • Dynamic Optimization, driving third party orchestration systems with the precise configurations required to ensure service availability.

These capabilities allow service providers to:

  • Vastly reduce the time to market for new network, datacentre and cloud services and determine the real cost of service delivery
  • Integrate capacity planning and optimisation into the control layer of the software defined network, facilitating network self-optimisation
  • Fully support the software-defined WAN / Data Centre / Internet Exchange
  • Migrate towards universal cloud resource management
  • Migrate from a stateless Path Computation Element (PCE), via a stateful passive PCE all the way to a stateful active PCE.
  • Support heterogeneous network structures (HetNet) and ease the migration towards full SDN architectures

Aria is typically integrated with third-party orchestration platforms or SDN controllers to provide a complete closed-loop orchestration solution.

SDN Optimization

Aria Networks enables service providers to ensure that network optimisation sits in the orchestration layer of a software defined network (SDN), delivering predictive and real time insight and automation to ensure that the network is always performing to the optimal level and is delivering reliable and effective service to customers.

As the only independent capacity planning and optimisation software to work across all infrastructure, technology and networks, Aria Networks enables service providers to benefit from virtualisation quickly, simply and effectively.

For providers and operators of SD-WANs, Aria provides vendor-agnostic, holistic, dynamic optimization. This is especially useful for planning re-designs and re-routing to allow infrastructure upgrades.

Download our whitepaper on “Delivering the Business Value of SDN & NFV.”


NFV Operationalization

Aria completes the ecosystem needed for operational rollout of NFV, allowing service providers to achieve the scale and agility they seek.

Aria provides answers to key operational questions such as:

  • How do I deliver a service quickly?
  • Which VNFs should I use?
  • Where should I place VNFs?
  • Where & when should I increase capacity?
  • When & when should I scale in/out?
  • How should I respond to a failure scenario?

As part of a complete, closed-loop orchestration solution together with Amdocs, Aria was showcased by Vodafone at Mobile World Congress 2016.

For more on how NFV rollout and optimization, download our whitepaper below.