Multi-Layer Service Resilience

Service providers and data centre operators commonly plan, design, and provision services to their customers without a clear view of the network underlay and any potential issues.

And in the digital economy, service providers and their customers need the end-to-end service design and provision to be completely resilient. And the only way to achieve this is to eliminate all network and process blind-spots.

Service offerings now include various business requirements for both guaranteed quality, and more importantly guaranteed resilience. But how can a service provider guarantee service seperacy?

The journey towards guaranteed service separacy begins with the creation and operation of a usable multi-layer network model. Once an operator can identify the existing & planned service provisions and how they are traversing the lowest layers of the network(s), true service resilience can be provided and guaranteed.

Aria helps service providers make the move to more efficient and reliable networks, upon which they can provide superior service offerings, by answering critical questions such as:

  • Are all existing services for every customer meeting the committed network separacy SLAs?
  • What is the best way to route new services or reconfigure the network now that a multi-layer model is highlighting shared risk groups?
  • Can I persist all existing Shared Risk Groups in my optical, transport, and service layers?
  • Can I identify ALL potential new Shared Risk Groups in the multi-layer model?
  • How could I deliver the same services, in a more optimal way?
  • How will a network failure affect the existing services? Will these services still adhere to their SLAs?

With real-time network planning and capacity optimization capabilities, service providers and data center operators can:

  • Optimize current infrastructure assets to deliver a more effective. Multi-layer aware service offering
  • Plan service rollouts to ensure that the right infrastructure is deployed for the current and future levels of demand
  • Plan network build to ensure that the optimal network is created/leased across all layers to meet SLA commitments
  • Utilise the Aria Multi-Layer model to perform complex service group proximity analysis to report on actual vs committed separacy

As a result, Aria enables service providers to guarantee their service resilience offerings with significantly less need to build in contingent capacity.

For examples of how Aria helps service providers, check out our customer stories.

Our solution is vendor-agnostic, and provides support across multiple technologies, including:

  • IP, MPLS-TE, VPN, P2P/P2MP Tunnels and Ethernet data services
  • 3G, LTE, and WiFi mobile backhaul and core networks
  • SDH, SONET, and optical transport
  • Cloud and CDN networks

There are many ways to approach optimization, so Aria’s offering is comprehensive, including:

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