Network Maturity Services

Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation offer service providers the opportunity to vastly increase the efficiency of their key asset: the network.   Whilst a fully software controlled, self-optimised network is something that all service providers aspire to, the route to this objective requires careful planning and management.

Networks vary in their maturity on the road to a fully self-optimised state, with many service providers focussed on adding levels of software control to network appliances whilst others are looking to deploy software at the service level of the network and beyond.

Aria Networks’ Network Maturity Services enable service providers to identify the maturity level of their network through one of five pre-determined levels.  Aria Networks has a relevant product suite that can be deployed by service providers whatever the level of virtualisation of the network. From single layer and auto layer routing software to multi-layer auto optimisation and network function capacity management, Aria Networks can support a network’s journey to becoming fully software defined.

Network Maturity Services for Software Defined Networks

Our Network Maturity Services for software defined networks enable service providers to plot a route to SDN through the five levels in the illustration below – from Elemental to Software Controlled Networks via Inventory, Service and Multi-Domain/Layer.

Levels 1 and 2 (Elemental and Inventory) describes the conventional network approach of Port Management and Per Hop Routing, using element manager and network management function as the control plane.  At this stage a network is not software defined. 

At Level 3 (Service) Aria Networks provides Constraint Based Routing, enabling service providers to specify specific routing, based on quality of service, service level agreements or cost, as part of a stateless Path Computation Element (PCE).  At Level 4 (Multi-Domain/Layer) Aria Networks enables service providers to auto route across multi-layers, enabling a passive SDN to be established.   Many networks are currently taking the path via a passive stateful PCE to a more software controlled environment.

At Level 5 Aria Networks supports service provider to create an active Software Defined Network, managing auto optimisation of the network and enabling the network to heal itself.  This established a Software Controlled or self-optimised network.

Network Maturity Services for Network Function Virtualisation

Within the Network Function Virtualisation environment, Aria Networks’ Network Maturity Index services enable networks to journey from their legacy element management services (EMS) and network management services to a full optimised and virtualised network.

At Levels 1 and 2 in the illustration above (Elemental and Inventory) there is a resource management focus around the legacy EMS and Network Management Services.  At this level of maturity, Aria Networks helps service providers take the first steps to a more virtualised network.

At Level 3 (Service) Aria Networks enables service providers to achieve physical or virtual network appliance-based capacity management.  At Level 4 (Multi-Domain/Layer) Aria Networks enables capacity management across multiple physical or virtual service chains.

At Level 5 (Software Contorlled Networks) Aria Networks provides the route to optimisation of network function service chains across the entire network – creating a self-optimising network.

Aria Networks’ Network Maturity Services run highly integrated with performance analytics, control and configuration management within the orchestration layer of the network.

Whether through an Software Defined Network or Network Function Virtualisation approach and at whatever level of maturity, Aria Networks can support increased virtualisation towards the Self Optimised Network.

Network Maturity Services