Capacity Optimisation for Telecommunications and IP Networks


Service providers face many challenges in delivering network services. They need to deliver a high level of availability and functionality in unpredictable circumstances. Competition is fierce, consumption of data is growing significantly year-on-year and yet data revenues are not close to keeping pace. This demands a new cost-optimised model to build out network resources in time and on demand, optimising infrastructure at every point.

Understanding the current and future needs of customers – and how to fulfil these across an increasingly complex network, made up of infrastructure from multiple vendors and a broad spectrum of service and network technologies – is hugely challenging.

Central to delivering service levels is predictive and real time insight into capacity needs and demands. Only by understanding the current and future requirements on a network can service providers plan, optimise and develop networks effectively. Accurate capacity planning enables networks to understand the needs of customers and profitably deliver against them.

Aria Networks enables service providers to:

  • Create an accurate model of traffic in advance of deployment or upgrade to a network
  • Gain a clear real time insight into current and future infrastructure investments and return on investment and benchmark respective suppliers
  • Optimise current network assets to deliver a best-in-class service for an enhanced customer experience
  • Guarantee service levels and accurately diagnose the impact of future service roll outs
  • Prepare networks for mass broadband services such as IPTV

Aria Networks is the only vendor-independent provider of network capacity planning and orchestration tools across all network assets and technologies. Aria Networks’ software is trusted by some of the largest operators in the world including Telus and Verizon.