Data Center Automation

Data centers are now at the heart of the digital economy. They are integral to how modern corporations work, and to how service providers achieve global economies of scale.

The rise of virtualization – first of applications, and increasingly of network functions – means that data centers must now be highly dynamic, able to respond in real time to any changes in demand. With 24 x 7 x 365 operation a given, automation of operations is a top priority.

Real or virtual, data centers represent consumable resources whose creation, allocation and availability must be planned and managed. So the success of virtualization and the creation of the software defined data center is dependent on real time, reliable and transparent capacity management of all resources.

Introducing Aria

Aria’s capacity planning and orchestration solution helps data centers operators to effectively plan, manage and optimize core infrastructure assets by delivering a clear and independent overview of current and future capacity requirements, across any combination of networking, computing and storage, from any vendor.


Aria Networks helps data center operators to:

  • Plan new data center roll outs and upgrades, ensuring that the infrastructure (including power and cooling) reflects the current and future needs of the data center
  • Optimize current infrastructure automatically via next generation capacity management working as an active component in the administration of the data center
  • Analyse current and future requirements to accurately grow the data center on demand, reducing capital and operational outlay and delivering improved return on investment
  • Manage a network of data centers from a single source to assign virtualized resources to new services and users in an optimized way

Aria Networks is independent of data center component manufacturers and works across all technologies and all vendors offering a trusted, transparent and real time overview of capacity, enabling effective automation and driving the development of the software defined data center.

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