We’re working with the world’s biggest and brightest telecoms, cloud, data-center and high volume internet service providers.

The case studies below illustrate the breadth of applications of Aria’s unique technology and approach.

IP/MPLS Capacity Management

telus_logo_en-an-3An independent case study by Analysys Mason, investigating the business benefits to Telus of Aria Networks’ capacity management solutions.

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Network Architecture Selection

verizon_logo-an-3How does Verizon choose between three possible IP, optical and TDM architectures and up to twenty-four different combinations of cost and service characteristics?

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Fixed Line Capacity Planning

anonymous-co-h142High capacity, resilient Ethernet, DSL and Optical services demand optimal design in terms of service quality, cost and equipment redundancy. We helped a European tier-1 operator plan services and generate detailed build-out plans to meet forecast demand.

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IP Resilience and Utilisation Optimisation Customer Success

How can you run your assets ‘hotter’ while still assuring there’s capacity to handle outage events? An international carrier uses Aria to understand their network and reduce unnecessary upgrades.

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MPLS-TE Route Planning

media-broadcast-anonMedia and broadcast services have to be created at short notice and may exist for just a few hours. Find out how a European tier-1 operator uses Aria to optimize point-to-multi-point design and configuration.

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SD-WAN Optimization

anonymous-co-h142This European Tier1 operator has reduced response times to failure to less than five minutes, with the network self-healing to improve QoS.

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